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DMX - Here Comes The Boom


DMX - Here Comes The Boom

Belly Soundtrack(feat Sean Paul and Mr Vegas)

DMX Chorus: here comes the boom (repx6)

DMX Verse i: here comes the boom, boomin, bouncin, stalkin much walkin Walk with the bouncin Hit'em where it countsman Hit'em like a mountain Split'em have'em spittin up blood like a fountain Look at me like that We just might fight black And if i, might end up in me takin your life black I don't, go for the bullshit Cause divin down , and time is just too important to be f^ckin around, Chump nigga, I stomp a mud hole in your face Muthaf^cka, rip your butthole outta place Cock the glock to your head, let off about two in it Yea its a dirty job but I just love doin it. DMX Chorus: here comes the boom (repx6) Mr Vegas chorus: All gangsta yout me waant fI sI yuh guns high Nuh cyata fI nuh fassy Cause a fassy nah try Mek dem skins cry Marrow haffI fly Splash it out ina dI sky (repx1) Sean Paul verse ii: Fram dI dutty know dem, dem a totta Man a shotta An a got alot a powa well Juss tell me fI gwaan Marrow fly like storm Mek dem haffI get flatta Mr Vegas Seh deese are dI sweetest times Sean Paul Nuff punk a get murda, a only dutty cup dI dmx an die do Mr Vegas Enjoy the killing times Sean Paul Shot hotta dan peppa Mr. cleva an mI glock it a guh talk fI mI crew (rep mr. Vegas chorusx2) DMX chorus: Mr Vegas verse iii: Wha do da claffI dey And da bait ya Like a scared retch wI leff dem fI laytaw WI keep goin on an on an on fill dme body a ole juss like straina Sean Paul verse iv: Suh mek dem know wI have a shootin gallery Killin is fun an wI nuh need not a salary Full up a dI hamma suh nuhbody cyaan falla we An wI nuh owe nuh apology, yo , well DMX verse v: I did more crimes Than war crimes More times Than in war times And way before time You know its sad man That I'm such a madman, badman With the boom you never had man. DMX chorus Mr Vegas chorus DMX chorus fade out The hottest songs from DMX